Chase My Yellow Kite - Online Photography Newspaper
Spring Issue 2014


Up until the moment I was given my own camera, I was sharing one with my mum, but wanted to be the one that took all the pictures. I remember the birthday I was gifted with my very own camera – it was a Polaroid. A Polaroid. The phenomenon of the Polaroid transformed the recollection of memories. Not only was it possible to record a moment, but also in an instant you could be holding it in your hands.

Their distinct white frame and square format made them much more then just a photograph. Throughout my childhood I was always taking photographs with my Polaroid camera, holidays events, or just general snapping. I was always armed and ready for action, composing people, and moments. Only having ten Polaroid frames per cartridge made them even more precious.

words and photography by Bindi Vora from her book Ex-Libris – 07/03/14