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Spring Issue 2014

Le peuple de le mer

The following images are from my series titled Le peuple de le mer, which is French for: the people of the sea. This features bodies submerged under water. In this series, I am questioning aspects related to our organic storehouses. Bodies encase our souls, our ideas, our stereotypes. They endure a whole spectrum damage, disease, emotion. At the inception of this project, my main question was: when you take away the gender and preconceived notions of the body, what do you have? Or rather, what does the viewer see? This series is an exploration of that, and evokes the dark, surreal, sometimes euphoric aspects that we endure on a daily basis.

Body functions and gender roles are the creative focus. By taking away the concrete shape of a person’s image and gender, and instead water-painting them in a more ethereal quality, the viewer is given the chance to see the body as a form and shape, not as a gender, sexual orientation, etc. It is my hope that, through transforming the body into something organically beautiful, that the viewer will formulate different, or more positive body-based notions. It is also fair to say that, while I have been exploring this series for the past several years, it is still very much an (enjoyable) ongoing work in progress.

words and photography by Haylee Anne – 04/04/14

Anne_1_La dame solitaire de l’été

Anne_2_la dame du lac

Anne_3_La maitresse de la tourbière

Anne_4_Mademoiselle Troix


Madmoiselle cinque