Chase My Yellow Kite - Online Photography Newspaper
Spring Issue 2014

Moon I & Moon II

Moon I & II combines photographs taken in Kenya during the late 1970s. Images of different wildlife are paired with a series of photographs that capture the process of the Solar Eclipse in 1980. The wildlife and animals have parts of them obscured by a white circle mirroring the black circular moon gradually hiding the sun. The series is shown as seven prints taken from a larger edit available as a handmade artist’s book.

I discovered these slides several years ago whilst helping to clear my grandparents’ home. A distressing yet necessary process that resulted in me taking some beloved Middle-Eastern rugs and scores of yellow boxes full to the brim of Kodak slides. After sifting through three thousand slides of family holidays and geological inspired adventures, it was the two series of wildlife and the eclipse that stuck with me most.

My grandparents now reside in a Nursing Home but had lived in Kenya for a couple of years before returning to Dorset. When I visit them I can see my grandmother’s eyes searching for my name whilst alternately asking what day it is and my grandfather hunched over seemingly disinterested. I wanted to make this work as a reaction to these engagements. This continues my fascination between the parallels of geological erosion and the deterioration of memory and affects of Dementia.

words and photography by Tim Burrough from his books Moon I & Moon II – 12/03/14