Chase My Yellow Kite - Online Photography Newspaper
Spring Issue 2014

Mouth Movements

The project was inspired by initially watching my family eat breakfast on one of those mornings where it is still pitch black outside, in the coldest months of winter, hence the dark black background within each image. I wanted to visually catch the movements our mouths make when engaging with mundanely associated activities. I wanted to highlight the textures and shapes of the mouth and ultimately share the visual interactions that are frequently missed.

Hopefully i have created a visually interesting set of images, with a subject as commonly seen as the human mouth, by revisiting breakfast time and capturing its actions through photography. I really enjoy revisiting mundane and commonly associated things and actions and re-photographing them at a different angle, that gives this ‘common’ thing a new creative lease of life.

words and photography by Morven Kynoch – 31/03/14