Chase My Yellow Kite - Online Photography Newspaper
Spring Issue 2014

Then, Now and Later

We are going to take a step back at the end of our first fortnight and discover what the project is really all about. Due to the nature of the piece there aren’t many images I could pair with the article so please find four shots from a work in progress called ‘Guests’. Excuse me this self-indulgence.

words and photography by Sam Taylor – 14/03/2014


I’ve always loved the idea of art publications. There’s something nice about the eclectic chaos that comes with so many artist’s work being put back to back.
Since my time at university I’ve started and worked on several art zines but due to various factors, none never seemed to have the longevity or the reach that the amazing art inside deserved. After a couple of years focusing on my own practice and exhibiting with a photographic collective, the idea of an art publication re-surfaced. With one of my fellow photographers in the collective, Tim Burrough (whose work you would have seen on Wednesday), we began working on what was essentially a newspaper, solely designed to highlight photography and photographic artsists that we liked and were passionate about sharing.
Chase My Yellow Kite was the newspaper that came to fruition and quite quickly we managed to pull together a first issue which simply had great photography in it. We now had a complete piece and something we were really proud of, the problem being we couldn’t really afford to print a run at the size the newspaper deserved. We played around with several ideas; funding it ourselves and charging enough to cover the next issue, crowdfunding for the first issue and then blind hope for future issues and so on. None of these ideas guaranteed that we would be able to get a first issue out there, let alone continue to a second or third. Chase My Yellow Kite essentially got put away until we could figure out what to do with it.
At the start of 2014, I made several resolutions, mainly the usual ones people have that don’t really happen and also the odd unusual one, but only one was important (for you guys reading this at least), to resurrect Chase My Yellow Kite in some form or another and show it to people.
Printing the newspaper wasn’t viable as the funding problem wouldn’t guarantee regularity of issues. If the newspaper couldn’t exist on the physical plain then it would have to live in the digital one. This is how we came to be where we are now (albeit after a month or two of web design and coding).
Knowing the above, I hope you will excuse us when we still refer to Chase My Yellow Kite as a newspaper here and there…

Now and Later

We’ve started as we mean to go on. New content will be posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00am with a contents page for the next week going up Sunday evening. The content will generally be divided into two categories; spotlighting a photographic project with an edit or all of the images therein and regular CMYK features.
The regular features are going to be some of the most exciting things we are working on as it is content made specifically for the publication. Over the last fortnight you will have already seen two examples of this with the short story based on a found photograph by Neil Brennan and the Prague diary entry by Will Hewson. Both of these are features that we will see expand with three more writers working on the same found photograph and Will giving us and insight into his photographic life once a month. We are working with several more photographers who will take up the CMYK diarist mantle to give us a regular insight into what they are up to.
In the next two weeks you should see two more examples of a different type of regular feature. The first, our plan for an ongoing interview project called ‘Wind It On’ will see one photographer interview another who will in turn interview another and so on. The second, a straight forward interview about a specific ongoing project to understand it’s conception and where it’s future lies. All that and some spotlights and a new diarist!
We’ve got lots of other ideas for projects that the publication can be the platform for and we welcome any suggestions for regular pieces or projects we can host.
At the moment the website is simple in it’s design to stay as close to the initial newspaper concept as possible. In the coming weeks as more content fills it’s pages and it gets increasingly harder to look at our older posts we will be implementing a way to easily go back to posts without losing your mind clicking previous. If you felt the above was an issue, well we are going to sort it out for you so don’t get all crazy about it!
That’s about it really. I hope you have enjoyed the work we have shown in the past two weeks and will join us for the rest, even after enduring reading this. If you have any questions or work you want us to show then please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at
All we want to do is share great photographic art, no further agenda than that.
Sam Taylor – Chase My Yellow Kite Editor